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The Small Business Opportunity

Are you a small business owner who has products or services to list?   Would you like to offer your product or service to an organic group of people who believe in helping others first?    You can launch your "next great thing" on our international marketplace!  A place where you can potentially establish a very loyal consumer base.  We believe in small business and supporting the sustainability of all participating members.  Become part of the iCovest Community today!

Small Business Member (SBM) Access Plans

From a few to infinite listings, we have different access plans available to you.


Basic Plan
$21 Annually
Up to
3 Listings


Standard Plan
$45 Annually
Up to
10 Listings


Premium Plan
$88 Annually
Up to
20 Listings


Platinum Plan
$119 Annually
Unlimited Listings

SBM Expectations:  Annual Member Subscription + 10% Tithing +

Any 3rd Party Settlement Fees (i.e. Paypal, Stripe, etc.)

Happy Gift Box

Why iCovest Market?

Some Benefits You Will Love


Captive Audience Who Cares

Your listings will be targeted to caring members who ascribe to blessing others.  We want to see you succeed because if you succeed, we all benefit.  How?  Through our exclusive royalty & rewards program.  So the more each member participates, the more that member may receive.  Consumer loyalty & participation is rewarded!


No "Buying" or "Selling" Here

At iCovest, we choose to freely give and freely receive.  We cooperatively vest ("covestment"), we do not "buy" or "sell" anything in our marketplace.  All exchanges are based on charity and honor.  As such, there are "no returns".  We are covesting our time, talents and treasures into our communities to help stimulate and grow your business.


Residual Cash Flow

Ten percent of all covestments are tithed back to the community, which are then repurposed and leveraged via asset pool ventures where qualified members have the opportunity to benefit.  This increase net positive cash flow within our community.


Tax Excepted Jurisdiction

Because iCovest Market is an integrated auxiliary of iCovest, all exchanges are mandatory tax excepted under Title 26 §508 (c)(1)(a).  This means you as an SBM are entitled to tax benefits exclusively offered here at iCovest Market.

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