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Entrepreneurial Empowerment for Small Business


What is the iCovest Market?

The iCovest Market is an international online platform where Participating Community Members (PCMs) can obtain and enjoy products or services supplied by our Small Business Members (SBMs).  It was established for the empowerment of our SBMs via organic production and consumption by our PCMs who can be found all around the world today!

We are a cooperative community of like minded individuals who are geared for success by blessing others first.  iCovest’s proprietary Rapid Product Movement System (RPM) was established to catapult our Small Business Member’s success by cooperatively focusing consumption of the goods and services within our international member based community.


Simply put, SBMs covest their products and services for Rewards pursuant to Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenants, while our international community of loyally dedicated PCMs consume these SBM covested provisions to also share and partake in these Rewards!

What makes us different?

Our marketplace is based on HONOR, wherein all members freely give and freely receive between each other (Love Your Neighbor).

This means NO ONE IS ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ at the iCovest Market.  So there are also no returns. We are covesting our Time, Talents & Treasures into our communities to help stimulate and grow our “Neighbor’s” small business, resulting in improved sustainability for ALL of our participating local economies throughout the world.

Do I have to become a Participating Community Member?

No.  You are not required to be a Participating Community Member or Small Business Member to covest here at the iCovest Market.  However, you must formally agree in acquiescence to our terms, policies and agreements concerning the exchange protocols of iCovest Market.  If you fill your cart and checkout, a "General Member" account will be automatically created for you and you will need to agree to our policies and agreements before you remit your covestment.

Cheerful working people

We take care of our community and help each other.

We believe that every good act can make a significant impact.



Become a Small Business Member

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